Beat Broadway's Busy Brunch


Say that ten times fast and you probably just go back to bed without any food at all. So... you love your weekend brunch but you're a bit sick of waiting in a queue in a place like Shoreditch or Broadway Market to get something that should surely be a basic human right... well thats where we come in. Not only do we offer an excellent brunch here at The Common E2 but we know the area quite well and can indeed point you in the direction of some great local brunch stops. We've got insights on places in the Hackney or Bethnal Green, areas that don't make you wait all morning for a quick bite. You'll no longer need to ask "Where can I find the best brunch in East London?" OR "I'm sick of the brunch rush, what are the alternatives to Broadway Market's cafes?" We've got you covered! 

The Common E2


Yep thats us, we're a local, away from Bethnal Green Road high street with great food, great coffee and friendly service kind of place. We recently acquired a young, creative chef who's talents were being highly underutilized at his last place of employment. We've opened the doors to our chef Sam's creativity and his excellent brunch options with regularly updated specials have rewarded us all! 

Footnote Cafe - Walton Way

This friendly little cafe cum bistro on Wilton Way, just a few steps north of London Fields and Broadway market is the epitome of neighbourhood joints. Open early in the morning for your coffee on the way to work the friendly and helpful staff will look after you with some of the best crafted espresso based coffee in East London, they take coffee very seriously. 

Recently Footnote have started to offer an evening dinner option with well selected wine parings (from their family vinyard) and fresh evening menus. Besides their focus on quality and crafting the best coffee, you can bring your dog and being next to a park this is an absolute must! Learn more about Footnote Cafe Here or just head over for a visit. MAP to Footnote

The Grand Howl - Well Street

This one is a bit closer to Victoria Park than it is to London fields but that might be even handier for some of you readers. These guys are pure magic with their healthy and hearty selection of vegan dishes, friendly staff and great taste in music, it's the perfect vibe for a relaxing weekend morning/afternoon. Like our other selections, Howl doesn't mess around with their coffee nor their food. The space is relatively cosy (small) but hosts lots of natural light and they've got you covered if you want to enjoy a bite outdoors on the pavement. Inside you'll find their in-house roaster which adds a nice aesthetic and smell to the space. The Grand Howl is open 7 days a week with slightly shorter hours on weekends. 

So next time your dreaming of brunch, Shoreditch and Broadway Market might be the obvious choice but then you'll think hey! What about that post I just read, Boom!