Best Co-working spaces in Bethnal Green, East London


Brunch and Coffee at the Office 

How many shared co-working spaces offer a full breakfast options and can just throw your order on a tab for you as you grab a staff member passing by? We know, you're probably thinking hey... this is too good to be true or maybe your thinking a kitchen, cafe it must be too loud there to actually focus. Well, speaking from experience, it really is a great space, its malleable, its organic and we think this flexibility ads to your ability to work here.  

We are The Common E2 a hybrid space for freelancers in Bethnal Green located away from Bethnal Green Road cafes on the lesser known and hidden gem of Old Bethnal Green Road. 

Co-working Bethnal Green Fit for Startups 

We take pride in opening our doors at The Common E2 to freelancers and startup companies. We've always been a hub for both community and the local freelance crowd. Throughout the week we encourage freelancers to engage with one another around our featured full length table. On the weekends we ask that work stays at home so we can dedicate the cafe to the luxury of relaxation, shut down and share is the name of the game. Whether your sharing a meal, a conversation, or a laugh The Common E2 can cater to you. 


Connected in More Ways Then One

We've invested in our internet to support the influx in freelancers we see on a regular basis. With high quality wifi both UP and Down the space is fitted with the tools you need to get your job done. We put the power in your hands, sockets down the centre floorboards and spaced appropriately around the room so you can keep working and maintain focus.


Inspire and be Inspired

Working among other focused and hardworking individuals is the perfect cocktail to help you success. That old saying that 'success breeds success' is said for a reason. At The Common E2 you'll find people at all different stages of their career or business development and chances are the person next to you can offer some insight for a problem you're trying to overcome. 

Find The Common E2 Co-working space here: 

Top Co-working Spaces in Bethnal Green 

East London has boomed with workspaces for hire and we believe it has created an incredible ecosystem for creativity and innovation. We've been inspired time and time again by the conversations that happen within the cafe and the working relationships that are developed everyday and we know this is just the tip of the iceberg. For those from out of town we can't say enough good things about the area. We've created a list of other local workspaces that we believe are worth checking out. 

WeWork London Fields set in a bit of a Goldilocks situation, right in the centre of startup-ville East London. WeWork has plenty of beautiful parks in the surrounding area for those days you can't bother to be holed-up indoors. Finally its right next to Broadway Market, the home to some of London's best cafes and restaurants. Yes, you will have to pay for it at £200/month minimum its an expensive "hotdesk" way to go but they have expansion space for up to 50 in a private office, so dream big and book a spot?

Find WeWork London Fields Co-working Space here: 

Focus Hub the name says it all, if you're the type that needs the world around you to slow down so that you can focus this is your spot. Touted as the "Coworking space for productive people", where they "utilise science to improve your productivity."

Find Focus Hub Coworking Space Here:  

Winkley Studios are close friends of the common e2 and infact hold the same benefits of being next to great coffee (us). Many of the local freelancers who utilise Winkley Studios also frequent the cafe during breaks. Some benefits of Winkley Studios are: Fibre internet, friendly faces, and lots of light which though rarely factored in can effect your mood and productivity greatly. 

Find Winkley Studios Coworking Space Here: