About Us

We’ve always been focused on the people, the community and the offering. Here we share a little bit more detail about us and what we stand for, what inspired us and how we got here.


The original idea behind The Common E2 was to open a hybrid community cafe and meeting destination with a design practice and creative studio and a long view to introduce conversations between the community and designers / architects on creative process.

This idea, at its inception, seemed strange - as most creative practices operate behind the privacy of a four walled office space with a reception area designated for public view. The Common E2 initially wanted to challenge the intercom or reception bell being the only conduit between street level and the design practice.

The Common E2 began with the main idea to bring creative practitioners and freelancers and the community together in one space. This idea materialised into a space with one long ‘common’ table which would be used by everyone for work, meetings, eating, drinking and socialising. This material and aesthetic device forged the name ‘The Common’, a nod to the term for a community park, where the cafe would become an extension of this outdoor community space.

The name and internal layout fused a philosophy which we uphold today - to create a space for everyone and in an environment which is relaxed, warm and inviting. We work hard to generate a sustainable turnover and yet keep prices to a reasonable level that our regular and new customers feel that there is heart, warmth and honesty in our offering.



Since our opening, we have maintained strong standards in customer service, with a friendly attitude to our customers and respect for one another, an exceptional quality food offer in a relaxed environment - and we work hard to maintain this - as this forms the strongest part of our working philosophy.

This very philosophy and consistency can only be upheld through the team which we engage and who, in response, compliment and drive this working philosophy to reach the standards which we are proud of today.

Interested in learning more or seeing the space for yourself? Come for a visit, just check our opening hours here first or simply drop us a line.

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